hello you. a hand drawn message.

I’m Dominic Edmunds.
A designer, creator, maker and leader.

I’m a curious explorer

Curiosity has enabled me to have a greater impact in the relationships and types of work I have supported and lead. A curiosity that has allowed me to develop branding that does not simply convey purpose but also connected and created programmes of support and engagement. Supporting change management and employee transformation. #rise

An advocate
of creativity

The skill to reflect my teams, clients or users creativity is one which excites me as well as creates a greater understanding of the power of design. Be it introducing design thinking to senior leadership in banks or helping management articulate a people focused vision for change management. My role has allowed me to open eyes and see the value design, collaboration and listening can deliver. #lanxass #creditsuisse

An active listener

In a world where everyone is able to share their opinion, developing skills to listen with focus and patience, is fundamental to building trust and opportunity. Creating insight that creates change and success. I have successfully applied this practice to all aspects of my role, be it in understanding and empowering my team, defining new ways of engagement with colleagues, peers and customer. #coaching

A lifelong learner

It is often easier not to question, just do. However this does not lead to opportunity or a true understanding of the nature of a problem. With my teams I've taken this approach to what were perceived problems, and been able show how by challenging and understanding the bigger picture we can identify the true problems to be solved. #MAN

A passionate leader

As a leader I believer it is so important to share with honesty. Our intent, our vision and our support. To communicate with clarity and convey the greater opportunities even under adversity. These are traits I am constantly developing to ensure we are all supported to create the new and intriguing and always with value. #vision